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Roberta Balčytytė

JCI Sostinė Prezidentė 2013






Best National Growth & Development Program
Leadership Path
Guided by the JCI Vision to be the leading network of young active citizens, JCI Finland’s Leadership Path created a new way to think about leadership and trainings. This project included seven different trainings leading Local Organizations during a year. These trainings had a clear focus and set distinct goals for Local Presidents, helping them stay motivated to lead their chapters. Leadership Path offered participants management tools, leadership trainings and guidance on strategic planning. As a result, JCI Finland has a well-focused strategy that all Local Presidents carry out on the local level.
 Best Local Community Empowerment Program
JCI Go koda
Naksitralli’s Forest School
To advance UN MDG #7 to ensure environmental sustainability, JCI Go Koda wanted to produce and deliver a road show theatre around Estonia promoting environmentally sustainable lifestyles. A goal of the project was to recognize communities that have contribute to the improvement of the environment. JCI Go Koda members also desired to inspire others to develop and implement initiatives focused on similar . This entire project was completed in an environmentally friendly manner, ensuring that the project not only increased awareness but also contributed to environmental sustainability in Estonia.
 Best Long-term Local Community Program
JCI Karsiyaka
Handicapped Career Days and Exhibition
JCI Karsiyaka members organized a series of educational forums and trainings to increase the number of employed disabled people and inform companies how to properly handle handicap workers through their human resources departments. This advocacy project helped companies align with the 10 principles of Corporate Social Responsibility by ensuring legal and fair treatment of all workers, especially those who are handicap.
 Best Local Economic Development Program
JCI Tampere
Tempere Investment Fair
The Tampere Investment fair was founded in 1999 by JCI where this year, they created project to improve the project working skills of their members. They had both the project team and the JCI Local Organization learn the importance of investment and finance related matters – Learning by Doing. The profits of this project supported their JCI Local Organization activity and was the corner stone of the annual budgeting. They also wanted to get the citizens of the local community to learn about taking care of their finances, and to learn how to take responsibility of their financial future.
 Best Local Personal Skill Development Program
JCI København
Mentor Match Mentee
JCI Copenhagen’s Mentor Match Mentee program aims to provide development opportunities for their members by partnering with strong business leaders in the community. The program gives JCI members the unique chance to accelerate their personal development through a six-month mentoring relationship with a highly competent mentor who has similar background. Both mentors and mentees benefitted from the program on both on personal and professional levels, while the mentees received guidance in regard to their careers, and for some, guidance on starting their own business.
 Best Local Growth & Development Program
JCI Barnsley
Diamond Challenge
Seeing that JCI Barnsley’s membership hit an all time low at the start of 2012, Local President Kirstie Barnett and the local officers focused on created a plan to engage active citizens in the community. The growth and development plan heavily utilized social media, email and an event database to engage both members and potential members in two-way conversations. Attending networking events and monthly chamber of commerce meetings proved to be a successful way to promote the successful Patron Package, which gives local businesses who support the chapter to also have employees become members and take part in personal development opportunities.
 Best Local UN MDG Project
JCI Mergelland
JCI Regatta
First conceptualized by members from JCI Mergelland, the JCI Regatta fights against malaria from the sea. Thirteen teams of JCI members from around the world compete in this international boat race that combines the excitement of competition and beauty of nature. Teams compete for the JCI Regatta Cup, and all proceeds from the JCI Regatta are donated to JCI Nothing But Nets. By engaging partners at the UN Foundation and Team Regatta Belgium, the JCI Regatta increased revenue from 2011 to 2012 by nearly 50%, allowing a total donation of 3000 bed nets to Nothing But Nets.
 Best Local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program
JCI Tallinn
Rat Race
Rat Race is a charity run organized by members of JCI Tallinn that engages local businesses and supports the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility where office employees run 1 km through Old Town of Tallinn, wearing suits and sneakers and holding suit cases and a phone. In partnership with the Union of Large Families of Estonia, the race’s profits are donated to support education and versatile development of children, covering areas such as sports, music and science. In 2012, Rat Race engaged over 70 partners to serve as sponsors or assist in planning the race, giving them an opportunity to enrich teamwork skills and take action to combat the root cause of some major issues in their local community.
 Best Inter-organization Collaboration Project
JCI Saarbrücken
Charity Recipe Book: Cooking for Children
JCI Saarbrücken worked with ten JCI Local Organizations and nearly 50 individual JCI members to create a recipe book to advance UN MDGs #4, to reduce child mortality and #1 eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, in order to improve the lives of children suffering from poor health and poverty. The recipe book contains healthy recipes and is sold for charity. With tremendous sponsor support, nearly all of the costs were covered, allowing all proceeds to be donated. JCI Saarbrücken donated some proceeds to local Ronald McDonald houses that provide housing for families while a child is receiving treatment at a local hospital or clinic. The rest of the proceeds were donated to aid children beyond their local community, benefitting Nothing But Nets, as well as a school in Rwanda being built by JCI Westerwald-Lahn of Germany.
 Most Outstanding New Local Organization
JCI Elaziğ
JCI Elaziğ
JCI Elaziğ is dedicated to advancing the UN Millennium Development Goals and being a group of active citizens bringing positive change to their community. JCI Elaziğ started with three founding members and soon grew to 26 members in 2012. With a substantial group of dedicated young active citizens aimed at increasing the socio-economic development of their community, JCI Elaziğ created several projects in partnership with local government, the chamber of commerce, non-governmental organizations and private organizations. One project, Red Cheeks, brought computers, projectors, telescopes and other technical equipment to schools in the East Anatolia area, affecting 2300 students and 98 teachers.
 Most Outstanding Local Organization
JCI Tampere
JCI Tampere
After JCI Tampere was awarded as the Most Outstanding Local Organization at the 2008 and 2009 European Conferences and Best Local Organization in Finland in 2010, there was a lot of momentum, as well as promises to be fulfilled. In 2012, JCI Tampere saw increased engagement of JCI Senators, an 11% increase in partner and sponsor participation, and a 27% increase in participation of members during monthly events. The year included over 90 JCI events, ranging of projects from a Family Day to the renowned Investment Fair, from the employment and professional education seminar to regional Environment and Export seminars.
 Most Outstanding New Member
JCI Edinburgh
LeeAnn Bradley
LeeAnne Bradley became a local officer almost immediately after joining JCI Edinburgh. As the director of enterprise and networking, Bradley took on board director duties as well as program manager duties. She volunteered to be part of the community team marathon entry where she organized weekly team sessions and took on responsibility to fundraise for the beneficiary charity, Rock Trust. Bradley has now taken on the dual roles of Membership Director and Senior Vice President for 2013 and continues to be a key and vital part of the Local Organization.Brief description of entry
 Most Outstanding Member
JCI Izmir
Sevinç Atay
Sevinç Atay’s vision is to cultivate a healthy environment where prosperity and peace are provided, protected and enriched. She is organizing and leading social responsibility projects both in JCI and in the company she works for. She supports joint projects and coordinated efforts to lead the way to sustainable global impact through the framework of the UN MDGs. In 2012, she was named the Most Outstanding Member of JCI Turkey for her accomplishments that benefited her local community, her Local and National Organizations and for the values she showed both in JCI and in her personal life. The UN MDG Project “Waste Reduction Awareness” that she directed was awarded as the Best UN MDG Project by JCI Turkey in 2012. She is now serving as 2013 JCI UN Affairs Commissioner.
 Most Outstanding Local President
JCI Eskisehir
Ezgi Oktas Özdemir
Ezgi Oktaş Özdemir met with JCI at a young age, thanks to her father, who is an active JCI Senator. She tasted the leadership at an early age of 12 while acting as the president of “Eskişehir Environmental Kids Club” when they ran a waste-recycling project with JCI Eskişehir. She became a member of the hometown association of JCI Eskişehir at 18 years old. After taking on many different leadership roles, she was unanimously elected JCI Eskisehir President and became the first woman President in the 18-year history of JCI Eskişehir.
 German Debating
JCI Switzerland, Team 1: Marc Steinhauer, Pamela Steinhauer, and Franziska Beutler
 French Debating
JCI Switzerland: Christophe Schnoebelen, Nicolas Dennewald, and Bodgan Banice
 English Debating
JCI Finland: Paula Perälä, Riikka Jahkonen, Peter Rasmussen
 Public Speaking
Heidi Larsen from JCI Holbœk, Denmark